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Glass Sandbox Productions helps creators actualize musical visions to supplement their media projects.

Glass Sandbox Productions is a custom music and audio production house founded by jesse shafer. We operate as subcontractors creating music and sound design for visual media production companies, record labels, filmmakers, musical artists and ensembles, advertising agencies, and content creators. Behind this company are young, top music industry prospects guided by entertainment and business veterans. We employ professionals to complete specialized tasks we can not fulfill in-house to create a finished product that reflects our attention to detail. We aim to offer a hassle-free experience, understand our clients' needs and to end each project on a high note. 


Some previous examples of our recording work include full studio productions for music libraries, films, musical artists and record labels. We are musicians carrying music performance and composition degrees with extensive experience performing live and playing on recording sessions. We have also arranged music for contemporary ensembles, composed orchestral and chamber music, and produced live Performances.


We are set apart by our desire for modernism matched a deep appreciation of history. Our clients have chosen to work with us because of our diverse skill sets, high standards, and our likable personalities. Upon agreeing to work with us you can expect to rest easily knowing your project is in good hands. 


A list of our services and their prices below - 


  • Custom Visual Media Composition/Sound Design

    • Starting at $500 plus $75 per each additional minute of music, increasing due to complexity and instrumentation.

      • Full orchestral scores, popular music genres, folk and traditional music, electronic music, underscoring and soundscapes.

  • Track Production and Arrangement for Musical Artists (Non-compositional)

    • Starting at $300 per song, increasing due to need for live instrumentation.

    • Mixing and Mastering available at additional cost.

  • Ensemble Arrangements, Transcription/Engraving and Orchestration 

    • Starting at $200 per song, plus $25 for each instrument.

      • Full score and parts deliverables as well as Sibelius file.

      • Free MIDI playback recording of the arrangement.


  • Session Musicians 

    • $250 per song, right to increase due to complexity

    • High-quality track delivered to your recording specs.

    • Diverse roster or world-class musicians available.


A note from Jesse - We are excited to hit the ground running with this project and are still building our infrastructure. Ultimately, I hope to build lasting relationships with our clients and humbly ask that you offer us feedback as to how we can improve this experience.

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