Jesse Shafer

Personal Background


Jesse Spent the Majority of his childhood living in nashville, tn and began creating music as a child. guitar seemed to be the most natural fit, but the music he aspired to make had many sonic variations. in May of 2010, Jesse and his family relocated to Charleston, SC. Since then, he has been a resident of the city and currently studies jazz at the college of charleston. 

Musical background

jesse has studied music since the age of 6. naturally it made sense for him be interested in playing, due to the environment in which he lived. he spent many years cutting his teeth and began heavily playing live in early 2018 as he started studying jazz at the college of charleston. Jesse formed a band called inn vinegar with mccarthy fitch and alex brouwer, since then they have played dozens of shows together as a trio and as part of the mulberry collective. jesse also plays pedal steel with nathan and eva, accompanies jazz vocalist gillian kohn, and plays with wolfgang zimmerman's invisible low end power. he plays various solo gigs, jazz gigs and art rock gigs as they come to him. He has released two solo eps and two full length albums. Inn vinegar has released a single titled "Cute Little Box" and the mulberry collective has a full length album out. He can also be found featured on recordings by Honna, Solar punches, nathan and eva and more. He has played well over 150 gigs in the past year and a half. He also studied at the custom vibrations school of luthierie where he built his own instrument and learned the ins and outs of guitar building and repair. He will be releasing his Sunnyside records debut with the Rooibos quartet in February 2021 and is working on a film score for film maker ian schultz.