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Jesse Shafer (Sandbox)

I am a Musician, composer and producer based in Los Angeles. I came up working In the Charleston, SC music scene and spent my childhood in Nashville Tennessee. I have played in the bands of artists across many genres and compose "Weird art music" as a passion. I have a Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in Guitar Performance. I elect to let my work speak for itself instead of mentioning my credits. I spend most of my time playing guitar and bass in bands, Working on Projects in Logic Pro and Sibelius, teaching, sight-reading in sessions, tracking Instruments, producing for artists, and arranging and composing for visual media. I have worked as a professional musician since the age of 18. For a deeper look,  check out my social media pages.

Career Highlights (in my eyes) include:

1) Playing one note per second on guitar for 24 consecutive hours, with a few short breaks.

2) Changing the course of a few students' lives and inspiring them to pursue music careers instead of having no direction. 

3) Performing a solo guitar set outside of a coffee shop to 8 people, in a bleak, cold February morning next to a construction site. It was suggested by the owner to cancel the regular gig due to the construction. Instead, I adapted my set to fit in with the construction noises, using them as rhythmic elements of the music. 

4) Being rejected from my Master's program, telling them they were making a mistake, gaining acceptance, and being hired as a faculty member within two months of starting at the school.

5) Creating life-changing opportunities for my friends.

6) Surpassing 10,000 hours of practice on guitar.

7) Playing with and meeting my heroes.

8) Getting to make music all day, everyday, and living life on my terms.

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